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About Us

Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Henry Ford


A company known in every field of textile

The success story of Ayyteks, launched by Kutbettin Ayyıldız, started in 1996. Ayyteks stepped into the industry by importing and exporting high-quality woven and knitted fabrics, and increased its product range by adding evening gowns to its product portfolio in 2015.

Ayyteks, one of the largest suppliers of the ready-to-wear industry, continues to make a difference and advantage in the sector with its investments and technological developments.

Ayyteks has become the determinant of customer satisfaction in the sector by offering easy and fast solutions to its customers with the ERP system developed by itself. Using the ERP system until stock control, order and product shipment, Ayyteks is the pioneer of the industry.

Ayyteks, not only with its ready-made products, but also supplying special products in line with the expectations and needs of its customers, has adopted the principle of providing the best service without sacrificing its quality.


To be a company known in every field of textile by having a worldwide trade network.


We are here to pioneer the industry with innovative and accurate products.


We develop the mutual respect and trust relationship between our customers, suppliers and employees with the awareness of legal and commercial responsibility; Our principle of fair, transparent, respectful, stable and honest communication is the foundation of our corporate culture.

Customer Happiness

To meet the needs and expectations of our customers at the highest level with our fashionable, innovative, useful and quality collections.